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Privacy, Refund & Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Pricing of items in Product Listings, and items in Art Gallery do not reflect calculated shipping rates.  Some items on our website are shipped via our print provider.  All boxes and cabinets are shipped via our United States Postal Service.  Purchaser assumes responsibility for shipping rates which will be added to total at Check Out.

Product Listings Returns

All returns must be unused, in the original packaging and in the same condition as received.  We are not responsible for damage during shipping.  Buyer assumes responsibility for shipping of all returned Items.  Return option is only valid for 30 day's from date of purchase.  All invoice/receipts associated with returned item(s) must be included for refunds or exchange of similar product in our product listings. FatBoy's Fine Furnishings E- Commerce accounts are handled outside our office by third party providers working with our business banking.  Shipping and handling fees may be deducted from the total refund amount.   It may take 3 or more weeks for your bank to receive refund and the dollar amount to be reflected on your card.  Certain taxes and fees may apply from our third party E-Commerce providers.


FatBoy's Fine Furnishings is dedicated to providing ease of use for all our customers and we will inspect and correct all issues regarding the return and refund/replacement of all items on our product listings.    

Art Gallery Returns Policy

Due to the nature of our platform with our local Artists and in accordance with most Galleries in the Industry, all sales of Art Work listed in our online Art Galleries are final.  No correspondence on behalf of any Artist selling their Artwork through our web site is available nor implied.  We will, to the best of our capability, forward any information regarding a dissatisfied customer to the Artist.  We inspect and evaluate every work in our Art Gallery to ensure accuracy of item description.  Very slight color differences may exist between the screen photo and the actual Artwork.  Any Artist uncovered violating Copyrights or Trade Marks will be held liable according to the law.  FatBoy's Fine Furnishings will not be held liable for an Artists actions in his/her personal liabilities.

Privacy Policy

The collection of personal information when you use our website is strictly governed by law.  You may be asked for personally identifiable information such as name, address, E-mail, and telephone number.  By giving us this information you consent to us using this information in accordance with applicable law.  You may withdraw your consent at any time by emailing us and we will destroy or return your information within five business days after receiving your request.


Cookies are small data files that may be saved from your visit to our website and contain a unique identifier used to determine our internet traffic size and interest.

Security and Terms of Use

All security on our website is taken seriously.  Where applicable we have undertaken certain security measures including the use of SSL- technology on our back-end systems that store customer account information and protect data transmissions.  However this is no guarantee that it cannot be accessed, altered, or deleted due to catastrophic firewall or other security failure.

Our terms of use are subject to change without notice.  At the point of purchase you agree that all information you provide is true and accurate, and all products are purchased at your own risk.  It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that the product selected for purchase is to their satisfaction before completing transaction of point and click sale.  All matters of recourse shall be the purchasers responsibility to contact FatBoy's Fine Furnishings home sales office as indicated above and on the Contact Us page.  FatBoy's sales staff will be very happy to resolve any concerns the buyer may have.

This website contains materials owned, copyrighted, trademarked, by third party providers as well as FatBoy's Fine Furnishings and may not be reproduced.  Unauthorized use of this website or any part therein may give rise to a claim(s) of damages and may be a criminal offense subject to monetary fine, imprisonment, or both.

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